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Colorful Bubbles


Here you can view all the fantastic artworks produced by the students and teachers of Lane Cove West Public School. We're sure you'll agree they look beautiful!

All art is professionally framed, and will look great on anyone’s wall. You can view the art up close and join in the auction at the annual Social Night where the art will be auctioned to the highest bidder.


Unable to attend? You can still place a an absent bid for your favourite artworks by email! Simply email  with your single opening bid for your preferred artwork. If you win, that will be the price you pay for the artwork (tax deductible of course!). Be sure to include your name, the bid, the class that produced the artwork, and your contact details in the email.


1H - Blossoming Dreams

Just like flowers, our dreams need nurturing to grow and flourish. With a blend of acrylic paints and modelling paste, 1H each contributed their own unique colours and shapes, creating a vibrant tapestry of dreams. As we reach our goals, our aspirations bloom, reminding us that together, we can achieve greatness.


6/5M - Sunrise Serenity

Experience the essence of dawn captured on canvas with 6/5M’s radiant artwork. Warm acrylic strokes were blended seamlessly to depict the beauty of a sunrise. It's a visual invitation to embrace new beginnings and the promise of each day. Let the soothing colours and gentle strokes awaken a sense of optimism within you. We hope our artwork is a reminder to greet each morning with renewed energy and enthusiasm.


6/5A – Gum Leaves

Students hand crafted designs with meticulous detail onto dried gum leaves found in our school playground. Each leaf is carefully adorned with intricate fine line patterns using Posca pens and then displayed in a circular wreath. The markings embrace the organic beauty of gum leaves and the general patterns found in nature. Unique designs invite viewers to pause and immerse themselves in the intricate details that captivates the natural world and a child’s imagination.


1S - Birds in Bloom

Drawing from the lively scene of birds perched on the tree branches outside our classroom, 1S’ artwork captures the playful interactions of these colourful creatures as they flutter about in pursuit of berries. Using painted paper and careful observation, students recreated the birds’ forms and added unique features with pen strokes, bringing their creatures to life.


3F - Fly High

Taking inspiration from Matisse and our writing unit on ‘Antarctica’. 3F created a colourful collage of birds. We read about majestic shearwaters and gracefully cormorants who fly above the icy waters and freezing tundra of Antarctica. Like those great birds, 3F are building their independence to fly higher and reach further whilst still having the comfort of our 3F flock to grow together.


KH - Castles

Inspired by fairytale castles, KH have created their own magical castle designs using varying combinations of lines, shapes and patterns. We talked about the many features castles have including tall towers, turrets, flags and different shaped windows and doors which the children have incorporated into their designs. Children drew their own compositions and after being outlined were made vibrant through additions of colourful watercolour. The castles were then cut out and mounted to create the beautiful end result.


2S - Standing tall

2S’ artwork ‘Standing Tall’ features a field of brightly coloured carnations representing our vivacious personalities and the way we all stand together supporting one another. 2S students made their carnations by selecting coloured tissue paper and carefully cutting several sheets into circles, they then chose a second colour to complement their petals. Once they had coloured their flowers they threaded the delicate paper onto wire and carefully manipulated the tissue paper to achieve the look of a carnation.


3E - Down in the valley

“This place I am hoping to get to is so marvellous that if I described it to you now you would go crazy with excitement.” – Fantastic Mr Fox.


During our narrative writing unit, 3E explored the world of Roald Dahl with a vivid imagination. This forest of fiery foliage reflects our love of literature and the enchanting settings that bring novels to life! Students blended nature’s watercolours to create a captivating landscape, echoing Mr Fox’s sentiment of a place so marvellous, it ignites pure excitement within.


1C - A Secret Patch of Green

Inspired by the words of our school song and Lane Cove West’s beautiful setting amongst the trees, the children of 1C have each created a leaf to contribute to our collage. Individually hand-drawn, painted and outlined, our collection of leaves creates a warm display of autumn colours. Our artwork reminds us that, long after we grow and move on, our hearts will always return to here.


3G - Underwater Odyssey - A 3G Exploration

Dive into an enchanting underwater scene with this artwork collaboratively created by 3G, inspired by our ‘Earth’s Incredible Oceans’ writing unit. Crafted by the hands of the students, watercolour strokes bring life to the coral, fish, and jellyfish, creating a colourful snapshot of the ocean’s diversity. This artwork invites you to explore the richness of marine life in all its splendour.


6/5Z - Patterned Pebbles

6/5Z was inspired by the Zentangle method of patterning, which explores the meditative qualities of art-making, creating a feeling of “relaxed focus”. We experimented with a variety of patterning techniques using a number of different mediums. For our class artwork, we used watercolour paints to create swirled backgrounds with aquatic colours. Our favourite patterns were etched onto our unique pebble shapes with white paint pens and a touch of gold leaf for contrast. Our pebble pieces were positioned together like a pathway, to illustrate the strength of our teamwork and collaboration in 6/5Z.


KA - Every piece has a place

In KA we love working together and supporting each other. For our artwork we used acrylic paints and sponges to paint our art paper in solid block colours. We each picked a colour that we love, to make this artwork a reflection of us. The paper was then cut into interesting shapes and carefully placed on a backing board. Each piece has its own place and works perfectly to create our overall artwork. We know that each of us is unique and that together we are a masterpiece!


4C - Crazy About Crustaceans

4C is crazy about crustaceans! We have taken a deep dive into Earth’s incredible oceans, exploring the fin-tastic creatures that roam beneath. To create this little nipper, all students carefully dipped watercolour paper into a mix of yellow and red watercolour paint. The designs were then carefully snipped and joined together to create the lobster shell silhouette. This artwork reminds us to go with the flow and shell-abrate life’s beauty!


2T - Unity

The Olympics - the intersection of culture, sport and art, becomes a vibrant canvas where heritage and excellence collide. Mosaics - the art of creating images with an assemblage of small, irregular pieces of tiles. To mark one of the biggest global events happening this year, 2T students created a mosaic of Olympic Rings to tell us how sport brings us together, no matter what size you are and what colour you are.


4F - Eruption of Life

4F’s class artwork bursts with a playful array of colours. The bright pinks, deep blues, and soft whites could remind one of the gentle flutter of butterfly wings, symbolising the beauty of life. On the other hand, a different perspective might reveal an explosive display of a volcanic eruption, full of energy and excitement. This painting provided us an opportunity to explore the vibrant interplay of nature's calm beauty and its dynamic energy, reflecting the peaceful and the powerful sides of the world around us.


4H - City Scribbles: Art, Power, and Voice

Celebrate the timeless brilliance of Keith Haring through the eyes of 4H students in this retrospective. Inspired by Haring's iconic street art, the collection captures his vibrant spirit and enduring impact. From his whimsical characters to his vibrant barking dogs, each piece reflects Haring's commitment to joy, hope, and inclusivity. Using techniques reminiscent of Haring's own, including sketching, acrylic painting, and defining linework, the students pay homage to his legacy. Experience the boundless energy and imagination that define Haring's enduring influence on art and society.


6/5W - Riding the Wave

6/5W’s artwork depicts a wave, symbolising the universal experience of life's ebbs and flows. The wave, crafted from a mosaic of colourful caps, beautifully illustrates the metaphorical journey we all navigate, encountering highs and lows along the way. Each bottle cap represents a moment or a challenge, collectively forming a dynamic wave that embodies resilience and adaptation.


2C - Meeting Place

Our class artwork is a celebration of who we are and our amazing learning adventures. We have been exploring Aboriginal culture and the magic of storytelling, and we've captured our special meeting place in our art. Picture this: 23 of us gathered together, with our teacher and our fantastic SLSO staff, every day. We have included the Aboriginal symbol for 'meeting place' to show how our class comes together to learn and grow.


6/5B - Feathers Galore!

Created by 6/5B, this majestic peacock comes to life in a magical blend of colours and textures! Sculpted with gesso, painted in mesmerising blues and greens, we've captured the beauty of this magnificent bird with every stroke of our brushes. With the feathers delicately placed, our peacock shines with added authenticity and wonder.


KC - Kaleidoscope

Inspired by the vibrant work of Rachel Burke and the diverse unity of our class, we have created a collaborative mosaic of fused bead squares, each carefully crafted by a member of KC. Every square represents a unique piece of our collective identity, symbolising how we come together to grow and shine as a family. This vibrant, cohesive artwork highlights the beauty and strength of our class, illustrating the powerful bonds that unite us.

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