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Colorful Bubbles


Here you can view all the fantastic artworks produced by the students and teachers of Lane Cove West Public School. We're sure you'll agree they look beautiful!

All art is professionally framed, and will look great on anyone’s wall. You can view the art up close and join in the auction at the annual Social Night where the art will be auctioned to the highest bidder.

Unable to attend? You can still place a an absent bid for your favourite artworks by email! Simply email before noon on Friday 27th May with your single opening bid (minimum $500) for your preferred artwork. If you win, that will be the price you pay for the artwork (tax deductible of course!). Be sure to include your name, the bid, the class that produced the artwork, and your contact details in the email.

LCWPSART222 copy.jpg


In KA we are very proud of all that we have achieved since starting school. To create our proud peacock artwork we mixed acrylic paint with impasto then used a spatula to apply the paint to our canvas. This technique gave our artwork a textured effect.

LCWPSART221 copy.jpg


This term we have explored how we physically represent emotions. KR have experimented with facial expressions, body language and vocal tone. With Miss Raine’s upcoming wedding, an emotion we spoke about regularly was anticipation and how people’s emotional state is represented differently when they are awaiting an exciting event. KR’s favourite representation of anticipation was that of a dog and its physical articulation of wagging its tail. Our artwork displays our anticipation and excitement for the year ahead. The students choose colours that are bursting in the background with our silhouette of the dog at the front showing its excited anticipation.

LCWPSART227 copy.jpg


KJ used acrylic paints to create our rainbow dandelion. Each student helped to use their fingerprint to make one petal on the paper. We then used pens to add the detailing of the dandelion. Each student is represented in our artwork.

LCWPSART226 copy.jpg


KS’ ‘Come Fly With Me’ was inspired by the book ‘Samantha Seagull’s Sandals’ by Gordon Winch. We loved learning about seagulls and the way their legs and beaks change colour when they become adults. This led us to look at a range of other birds and we discovered the artist Peter Cromer. We really liked his artwork ‘Budgie’. KS studied his artwork and mixed our paint to look similar to his. In small groups, we painted and then cut shapes from our paper which we then pieced together to form our bird. We used a fine point pen to create his markings. Our artwork reminds us that we all have wings, we just need to learn how to use them to fly.

LCWPSART2215 copy.jpg


1W’s ‘Firework Festival’ artwork was inspired by our class's unique and vibrant students, to show just how quirky and bright we all are. Every student designed their own black and white building and colourful fireworks to contrast one another. This artwork is to represent that although life can seem pretty black and white at times, we all try to leave a little colour and spark wherever we go.



‘The Lion Inside’ was inspired by a picture book 1S examined by Jim Field. It’s about being brave and finding your roar! The message is to be strong and true to yourself – and that even the big guys have moments of self-doubt too. To begin our sensational artwork, we experimented with bright watercolours, using them to mix and create beautiful colours. We used these vibrant paintings to create the lion. We carefully placed the painted strips and face to create our courageous lion. Once everything was stuck down, we added some details using markers.

LCWPSART2218 copy.jpg


1C’s artwork is a tongue-in-cheek representation of our trip to assembly each fortnight. We start out with a straight line but it’s not long before a butterfly, an old friend in a new class or a game of hopscotch invites a happy diversion. Thickened paint carefully squeezed from sauce bottles was used to create the map of our forward and return journey: one black, one white. We all eventually end up where we need to be. Sometimes our journeys are just a little different…as in life itself!

LCWPSART224 copy.jpg


2/1H’s ‘Belonging’ was inspired by an Australian artist and our passion to feel the world around us. Each student used a spatula to carefully place the paint onto the canvas, scrape it down and create a 3D effect. Students discussed and chose the colours that reflected the calm environment that is shared in 2/1H. As individuals created their shapes, they were connecting to the environment and feeling a sense of belonging to the class. After the artwork had dried, students felt the artwork and shared how it made them feel.

LCWPSART223 copy.jpg


"Mountainscape" was inspired by the artist Laura Blythman. 2B were able to make a variety of textures by layering watercolours, inks,  stamping and scratching into acrylic paint and using expressive movements with coloured pencils, all whilst staying within their colour profiles. The fluidity of the watercolours complements the bold patterns created with the ink and the organic shapes mimic the natural composition of textures in mountains. We love the vibrant colours and unique perspective on the natural world.

BC5A3022 3.jpg


Inspired by the magnetic and colourful works of Indigenous artist Bronwyn Bancroft, “Heirloom” is a labour of love by the students in 2W. perfectly imperfect, the design was painted onto a skateboard deck, representing the movement and risk-taking the class is known for. Titled after the heritage and history from which we learn, “Heirloom” vividly reminds us what always was, and what always will be.

LCWPSART2210 copy.jpg


The Personality Peacock represents the unique personalities of the students in 2P and how we all fit together. Each child has used their imagination to create a beautiful feather that represents their personality. Helping children to see being unique in a positive manner helps boost their confidence and can make them more accepting of others' unique qualities.

LCWPSART225 copy_rotated.jpg


Did you know a blue whale's tongue can weigh as much as an elephant? Or that they have one of the loudest voices on the planet? Animals are a big interest for us in 3C, and we wanted to create an artwork that reflected this. The creation of 'Whale of a Time' is inspired by children's illustrator, Sally Payne. To start, we experimented with watercolour paints, using them to mix colours and create patterns. Using these paintings, we carefully cut out geometric shapes that were placed all over the whale. Once everything was stuck down, we added some finer details using paint and metallic markers. Our artwork reminds us of the joy animals bring to our lives and we couldn't imagine a world without them!

LCWPSART228 copy.jpg


Inspired by Mattise, 3L went on a journey of “cutting directly into colour” and “drawing with scissors” to create our class artwork. We began by exploring colour and texture with watercolour paints. Each student then created a stencil of a flower which was then carefully cut and collaged using different pieces of our vibrant paper. Paying close attention to size and colour, the flowers were then arranged to form our complete composition Innerbloom.

LCWPSART2212 copy.jpg


In a world of chaos and despair, love is all you need to overcome all adversities and problems. Our "Hands of love" was created to remind us that love is felt not just by the people around us, but also family, friends and strangers near and far. 3S used oil pastels to design 17 different rectangles each that reflected each and everyone's personalities. These rectangles, over 350 of them, were then carefully glued and pieced together to display two hands forming a heart. We hope you can feel and share our love for everyone.

BC5A3032 copy.jpg


Many needles were thread, knots untied and a whole lot of patience and persistence was exercised (Miss Marsh included) as each student learnt to blanket stitch. Students designed their own monster, selected a square of the quilt and off they went, stitching felt to our cotton blanket. We really enjoyed designing and creating our artwork, there’s even been comments of doing another (not by the teacher!). We hope someone loves this quilt as much as we loved making it.

LCWPSART2211 rotated.jpg


4C’s Reader’s Reef was inspired by our love of literature and sustainability. It was crafted using old library books that were being weeded out. We began by cutting the books into different sized strips, then quilled them into long spirals. Finally, the rolls were placed onto a watercolour spectrum of greens and blues, to mimic the appearance of the natural coral reefs which surround our Australian coastline. Our artwork shows that a picture really can say a thousand words.

LCWPSART2216 copy.jpg


4K used watercolour paints to create the beautiful greens in these succulents. Each student helped to paint paper using watercolour paint to blend and bleed the colours together. We then used posca pens to add the detailing to each of the plants. This created the lovely succulents in our artwork.

LCWPSART229 copy.jpg


5A's "Abstract Artistry by 5A" was inspired by patterns in nature. Each child carefully designed four curves. Each curved section was covered with unique markings using a black sharpie then filled in with bright texta colours that compliment each other. No two curves are the same. The individual sections were then arranged and joined together as part of a larger design. Small areas were highlighted with fine gold paint to add interest. Our artwork reminds us we are all individuals, however, no matter how different we are we can still work together to create something special.

LCWPSART2213 copy.jpg


“Every photograph has an equivalent idea or emotion attached to it” – Alfred Stieglitz

“Back to School” captures the experience of school from the perspective of its students. In the wake of multiple lockdowns and isolations, each photograph is taken in black and white to evoke feelings of nostalgia. After selecting a subject, students used photography techniques of focus, contrast and framing to express their ideas. The result varies beautifully in the different interpretations. Some are literal, while others are more symbolic. Some capture the sense of sight, while others focus on touch. Some are heartfelt and serious, while others are humorous and joyful. Together, they make a beautiful tapestry of what makes school so special.

LCWPSART2214 copy.jpg


Home Away from Home was inspired by a whiteboard class artwork that began on day 1 of the term. Each student would add something to the board that represented a city and as it developed a world. This whiteboard artwork took up half the board. Talking about our homes and the way we live today we discovered our differences and similarities. This developed into each student creating their own piece of our city. Homes, town houses, apartments, hairdressers, bakeries, office buildings and skyscrapers. The end result is our 6/5B city like us, each part different but comes together as one. Team 6/5B.

BC5A3016 copy.jpg


In 6M we created our class art by splattering paint across a black canvas, each student got a turn in splattering neon paint across the surface to create this beautiful array of colours. In 6M we do a lot of work so sometimes it can get a bit messy. This artwork highlights how we all come together to collaborate and complete work. The patches of colour represent how each student in the class is different and that we all have different personalities because no patch is the same.

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