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Colorful Bubbles


Here you can view all the fantastic artworks produced by the students and teachers of Lane Cove West Public School. We're sure you'll agree they look beautiful!

All art is professionally framed, and will look great on anyone’s wall. You can view the art up close and join in the auction at the annual Social Night where the art will be auctioned to the highest bidder.


Unable to attend? You can still place a an absent bid for your favourite artworks by email! Simply email  with your single opening bid (minimum $500) for your preferred artwork. If you win, that will be the price you pay for the artwork (tax deductible of course!). Be sure to include your name, the bid, the class that produced the artwork, and your contact details in the email.


6/5R - Celebration of Differences

This artwork was inspired by the colourful chaos of our classroom. Each member of our class brings with them a unique, vivid and lively identity which makes each student of 6/5R so special, and our classroom so beautifully diverse. This was made using acrylic paint and pouring medium, mixed together to create a glossy, thin texture that was then dropped onto the canvas using pipettes. The background was made by applying acrylic paint to sponges to produce a softer appearance underneath the symphony of colourful paint drops. Students assisted in mixing paints, creating colours and offering input. Each student took a turn in applying the drops to the canvas, stacking some on top of others. The random, sporadic theme of this piece reflects the wonderful weirdness of our class, with each student being absolutely themselves in unorganised harmony.


6/5M - Riding The Same Wave 

Items found on the beach were collected. Students painted shells in different shades of blue. These shells were arranged to form a large wave. Old recycled wooden fence palings were sanded and then varnished to create a textured background. Smooth shards of glass were scattered in between the shells to add interest. This piece was specifically designed to be tactile, allowing everyone to experience the artwork. This picture represents the students of 6/5M who are all swimming at different paces but riding the same wave of success together. 


KC- Dreaming in Technicolour 

‘Dreaming in Technicolour’ is a collaborative weaving that reflects the creativity and unique personalities of the students in KC. Each child wove a section of the artwork using different yarns and fibres, over and under, side to side to create our vibrant and textured piece. We hope that our weaving inspires others to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of working together to create something truly special


KA - New Beginnings

Starting school is a new beginning for the students in KA. There are lots of new things to learn.  When creating our artwork we carefully used sponges to apply acrylic paint onto our art paper. Then the different coloured papers were cut into a leaf design and arranged around a gold swirl to represent an unfurling fern. We have already accomplished so much this year and we can’t wait to see what other new adventures are in store!


KS - Pieces of a Puzzle

During our maths nature walks, we noticed a lot of birds in our playground and we talked about their different shapes. We decided to paint a bird for our class artwork. We found a painting of a bird by Eggpicnic and we tried to paint a similar one. We looked closely at the colours and then mixed the paint to make the colours we wanted. We used sponges to paint our paper and then we cut out the shapes we needed to create our artwork. It was like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. Our artwork is just like our class  which is made up of lots of different children who, when put together, create the KS Superstars 2023.


6/5K - Eye Spy

Students strategically took photos around the school. Look closely, can you figure out what is seen in each photo? What memory does it trigger? From snapshots of students' smiling faces, or spaces around the school, to interesting, repeated patterns found on regular surfaces around the school. Many images have been captured from well-traveled paths on our 'secret patch of green'. These are 6/5K's memories of Lane Cove West scattered on a canvas to create a unique design.  


3H - An Escape 

No matter the time of the year, this beautiful beach artwork jointly constructed by 3H will allow anyone to return to nature and escape to Summer. The water was created by applying three tones of blue watercolour paint to a sandy backing board. The students designed their own umbrella by applying posca pens to art paper to produce a unique pattern. The students have been studying landscapes in Inquiry lessons, discussing different terrains that make up Australia. This artwork perfectly captures scenes on Australian beaches in the midst of Summer.


4H - Prismatic Perception: An Exploration of Visual Illusions

The 4H class has created a mesmerizing artwork called "Prismatic Perception," which takes the viewer on an exciting journey into the world of visual illusions. This landscape-oriented canvas is divided into three panels, each featuring a complex interlocking of vibrant pyramids. Using acrylic paint, the students skillfully played with tones and shadows to create an optical illusion of 3D depth. By manipulating the point of light source for each individual pyramid, the viewer can switch the perception of convexity and concavity. This fascinating artwork reminds us that looks can be deceiving and challenges us to look beyond the surface to discover the hidden depths of things. "Prismatic Perception" truly represents the creativity and talent of the 4H class, with its beautiful colours, geometric shapes, and imaginative use of light and shadow. It is sure to captivate anyone who sees it!


6/5A - Fingerprints of Flora 

This artwork was inspired by patterns found in nature. Each child used a mixture of fine and thick black pens to carefully  create their own designs, giving it unique markings as no pieces of flora are the same. The individual designs were then overlapped and arranged to form a beautiful overall design. This unique artwork reminds us that we are all unique, special and  individual. 


KF - Imagine

Is it a bubble, balloon or a ball?

So many things, can you think of them all.

Look at the colours, what do you see? 

Use your imagination, what could it be?
KF created this beautiful artwork by experimenting with watercolours. We very carefully cut out our circles and discussed the best place to glue them to create our colorful piece of art. 

Our artwork is just like our class; colourful, curious, creative and fun.


1C - Fragments From a Book 

The magic of words can take us to amazing places. A simple phrase, a fiery dialogue, a descriptive character, help us to create new worlds in our mind’s eye. 1C’s artwork this year is inspired by a collection of such words from a childhood favourite, ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton. These words are brought into focus by overlaid circles. Each student has carefully painted within a given boundary to represent the floating borders of the lands at the top of the Faraway Tree. 


1S - Sweet Banksia Dreaming

This artwork was inspired by the Aboriginal use of the beautiful Banksia flower. 1S learnt about how the sweet nectar of the Basksia is used to sweeten and filter water. The sweet nectar of Banksia flowers can be obtained by sucking the flower or by soaking the flowers in water to make a sweet drink. The sweet drink of the Banksia flowers is sometimes mixed with wattle gum. The Banksia is quintessentially Australian. Known and loved for its brush-like flowers and sweet honey nectar, the plant embodies both the beauty and harshness of the Australian landscape. 1S used a variety of colours to create a unique imaginative Banksia using different stroke techniques.


2S - Let's go fly a Kite

"Let's go fly a kite" is a bold and bright silk painting which showcases all the vibrant personalities that make up 2S. Each student designed their own kite on a piece of paper. These designs were then all placed together on a larger surface and carefully traced by hand onto silk using Gutta. Once the Gutta was dry the students were invited to carefully paint their kites using bright silk paint. 2S loved learning about the process of silk painting and were in awe to see their designs come to life. The final artwork is the perfect representation of the unique and vibrant students in 2S.


4F- Golden Paradise

4F’s artwork was inspired by the captivating beauty of an island paradise. The piece features a blend of textures in varying shades of blue reminiscent of the ocean's depths. To further enhance the composition, accents of gold leafing were applied in a scattered yet intentional pattern to resemble an untouched sandy island. The intention behind this artwork is to evoke a sense of tranquility and transport the viewer to a serene and special place where they can escape the demands of everyday life and unwind.


2B - Enchanted Garden 

2Bs enchanted garden creates wonder and awe by combining bright colours with greenery, flowers, and a touch of magic. We were able to make a variety of textures by layering watercolours, scratching into acrylic paint and using expressive movements with coloured pencils. The fluidity of the watercolours complements the bold patterns created and the organic shapes mimic the natural composition of textures in a garden. Step into our enchanted garden and create your own fairy tale.


4R - Emerging, Vibrant Potential

With its bright hues, dynamic movement and essence of abstraction, this artwork embodies the joy, wonder and energy of the learning journey, reflecting its ever-evolving nature. The students selected a unique range of oil pastels and blended them onto cut-out paper leaves and flowers. Then using verdant greens, radiant yellows, fiery reds and blazing oranges they carefully painted over the leaves and flowers bringing forth a mesmerizing composition. Demonstrating their artistic flair, the students deftly scratched away at the paint, creating intricate leaf veins and delicate flower details. The result was a stunning display of the vibrant hues of the oil pastels, a breathtaking artistic feat that evoked a sense of magic for the students. Just as the oil pastel colours emerge through the paint, this artwork showcases how the unique abilities of each student can emerge and be celebrated in a supportive and encouraging school community.


3S - Bold Beautiful Butterflies

When you look at butterflies, what do you think of? A pair of symmetrical coloured wings sitting on a soft bed of petals? Amazing transformation? 3S chose to design these delicate, majestic butterflies to symbolise freedom to choose their paths while overcoming all obstacles in life. The students designed their distinct two layered butterflies with gold paint and accentuated them with glitter. These were glued in a way that followed a larger butterfly, a mentor who would lead them into the neverending night sky and achieve great things.


1W - The Imagination Tree

1W got their inspiration from Kadinsky’s circles; uneven curves and swirls of colour. We looked at the shapes and inspirations that made up a lot of Kadinsky’s work, finding his theory of colours; that they cause the human soul to vibrate and it is a powerful tool to influence human beings. As a class we enjoy being creative and imaginative, giving us the inspiration to create our ‘imagination tree’. This tree symbolizes that you should always look up as the world of reality has its limits but the world of imagination is boundless. 


6/5B - Arcs of Unity

6/5B created a low relief background using a mixture of white paint and cement. The mixture was then poured onto two canvases and spread to create a textured background. Before the cement set, coloured pigment was added to more cement and toweled on in specific areas. Free form designs were scrapped into the background using a wooden comb creating a balanced design. It represents peace, harmony and stillness. 


Staff - We all flock together, here at LCWPS

Beautiful bright coloured paper into a collage and layered style artwork, inspired by Pete Cromer. Displaying our four school houses of Lorikeet, Rosella, Currawong and Kingfisher demonstrating that here at Lane Cove West Public School everyone has a place they belong. The staff collaboratively constructed this timeless artwork that could be a featured piece at your front door, a talking piece in the living room or add some colour to a bedroom. Celebrating Australian birdlife and the native residence of our school, this artwork is one that will hold many memories for your family.

3E - 3Everyone

Through the eyes of a child comes a powerful message of acceptance and diversity. 3E used playful shapes and fine-line features to bring to life a collection of watercolour characters, each one detailed with a unique personality. These floating figures come together to remind us that no matter our differences, we all belong and have a valuable place in this world. This artwork captures the beauty and wonder of young minds and is sure to bring a smile to the faces of all who see it.

2/1H - Jungle Explorers 

Life happens and 2/1H’s response is to deep dive into our learning. To create our Jungle, we cut up one-of-a-kind hand painted papers, carefully ripped them and put the pieces back together again. 2/1H thought about the animals in the jungle as well as the landscape. Our artwork represents our learning journey and our movement through the jungle. 

2T - 100 Years of Wonder

In celebration of Disney's 100th Anniversary this year, 2T created this artwork to honour 100 years of wonder and happy times, featuring the most iconic Mickey Mouse with twenty-four butterflies. All butterflies were handcrafted by our little artists in 2T, symbolising our dreams inspired by all the Disney heartfelt stories. In 2T, we believe “if you can dream it, you can do it”. 

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