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The P&C is only as good as the parents who join and participate in it. We are always keen to welcome new members and hear your views. There are plenty of ways to participate:

  • Come to a P&C meeting – these are held twice every term in the school library, and are a great way to find out more about what is going on at the school, as well as hear from our Principal. You can join the P&C in person at the meeting, which will give you the right to vote on key decisions of the P&C. ​

  • Become a P&C member – if you can’t attend a meeting, simply fill in the attached form and you can become a member of the P&C, receive meeting minutes and vote on key P&C decisions.

  • Join our Facebook group – search for “Lane Cove West Public School P&C” on Facebook to join our closed discussion group (for parents of Lane Cove West children only) to get updates on P&C events, fundraising and volunteering opportunities.

  • Read Chatters for P&C updates – each fortnight the P&C will publish updates in Chatters to keep you up to date on upcoming events and volunteering opportunities.

  • Get the School App (Instructions) - and receive reminders from the school and the P&C.


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