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Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to run our normal Social Night, but the Art Auction will move online and this years Art is Exceptional!

All art is professionally framed, and will look great on anyone’s wall.

If you win, that will be the price you pay for the artwork (tax deductible of course!). 

This year we also have a donation of a luxury wine tasting and night away in the hunter valley on offer. (Please note this prize is not tax deductible)




KA's artwork "KA-Bloom!" was created to represent the learning journey that children make beginning with their first steps in Kindergarten. It is the place in which children learn so many skills that they will need to navigate through their schooling years. The gorgeous artwork was made by painting each child's foot, cutting it out and assembling it to create flowers, much like children, that grow and bloom.




In KJ we are taking big juicy bites into our learning every day. We have a perfect 'pear' of teachers to help us on our way. We love to work together in KJ especially when we 'pear' up. We pushed pear halves down into paint featuring green tones and then carefully stamped them onto paper in a repetitive pattern. Our artwork reminds us that we love to devour all the fruity learning opportunities that our teachers give us to digest.




KR were inspired by our wonderful visit to Healthy Harold. We discussed how we are resilient and overcome challenges everyday. Just like the giraffe who reaches to great heights, KR are learning to keep reaching as we move through the learning pit onto achieving new skills. Inspired by Jackson Pollock's drip and splash style, we used droppers to design our spots and splash/stroke to use a rainbow technique on the giraffe's body.




KS’ ‘Flip or Flop!’ was inspired by the book ‘Magic Beach’ by Alison Lester. In pairs, the children chose 3 paint colours. They placed a piece of paper in a tray, added the paint and then some marbles. The children shook the tray from side to side to create different patterns. Once dry, we cut thongs from our patterned paper and then added the straps using cardboard. Our thongs remind us of fun days spent at the beach – walking on the sand, collecting shells, looking in rock pools, and swimming in the ocean.




In KT we love colour and have grown in so many ways since starting ‘big school’. We have branched out and made new friends and set down strong roots at the beginning of our school journey. To create our artwork we used acrylic paints and sponges to paint our art paper then we cut out a leaf shape. The leaves were then carefully arranged on the branches of the tree which was cut from black paper. We know we will keep growing and from little things, big things grow!




Learning is a journey. 1H's artwork of The Hungry Caterpillar shows the start of our journey in Year 1. We have transformed from a chrysalis into a caterpillar, ready to grow into a butterfly by the end of the year. Working collaboratively, 1H used paint, sponges and sticks to create the patterns on each segment of the caterpillar. Our artwork reminds us that we are always growing and developing.




1P’s 'Under the Sea' was inspired by our daily commitment to “take 3 for the sea”, a strategy to reduce plastic pollution in our ocean. Each child contributed to the artwork through literally lending a hand, foot or finger to use as a stamp to create starfish, jellyfish, crabs, lobsters and seaweed. Take a closer look and you will find your child’s name printed in gold on their personal creation.




1S have discovered that all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. The cactus has come to represent endurance, tenacity and strength. They’ve survived and found a way to grow in barren desert wastelands that get very little rain. They’re an acquired taste, but once hooked (pun intended) you’ll want more and more. Through painting these cacti, 1S gained appreciation for the lines, textures and shapes of the plant. We discovered the symmetry of cacti shapes and the astonishing textures they provide. 1S want to fill your wall with this interesting and trendy plant, to be appreciated in all its oddity.




Created by blowing ink across the page and carefully adding individual details, the 1C monsters reflect the character of our class: bold, independent, quirky and fun. Inspired by the story, 'Hey, That's My Monster!' children designed their artworks to show the personality of a buddy who can look out for them whenever they need a friend.




2B's ‘Laughing Kookaburra’ was inspired by the beautiful wildlife around our school. We have often seen a kookaburra on the netball rings watching us and we hear them laugh so much it has become part of the school environment. Each child created the beautiful bright colours within the artwork. These colours have been cut into geometric type shapes to create our kookaburra. These paper shapes have then been layered to create a unique design. Our artwork reminds us that we learn in a stunning environment filled with many different birds making it look and sound peaceful.




As well as their environmental significance, artists have long been drawn to flowers for their more evocative qualities. The changing nature of these delicate plants and the diverse colour palettes they offer have proved to be a source of inspiration for centuries. 2L were involved in an explosive application of drips and splats of paint. They used watercolour, which is a very fluid and dynamic medium and textured papers to create a botanical field of flowers. We were inspired, excited and soothed by the beauty of plants and flowers during this creative process.




Hello Cocky! Want a cracker? 2M have been having fun exploring the distinctive style of Pete Cromer & his psychedelic combo of simplistic shapes and bright colours.
We mixed vibrant, acrylic paints to represent the colours that best reflect the cheeky personality of our cockatoo. The indigo blue background acts as a perfect contrast to make the sulphuric yellow feathers pop. This gorgeous Sulphur-crested cockatoo is a playful & uplifting creation that will brighten up your nest nicely!




Things don't always have to look the way we expect. In 'Unexpected', the 2N artists were experimenting with all new techniques -- how to layer paint differently, apply paint differently, and to add texture differently. 2N wanted to demonstrate how we can be open-minded and take risks to try new things ... even when the result can be unexpectedly beautiful.




In the spirit of sustainability, 3C chose to create an artwork using recycled materials. To produce the final piece, each child painted a cardboard box that was rescued from the bin. Earthy colours were chosen to create a wood-like appearance, as well as touches of blue and gold leaf for added effect. The individual boxes were then trimmed and arranged to form an abstract block formation. The artwork inspires us to be mindful of our waste, as one person's trash may be another's treasure.




Inspired by our research during our science unit, ‘Feathers, Fur or Leaves?’, 3M created an artwork that mirrors the fast flying, colourful features of a rainbow bee-eater. A bird that you’ll likely hear before you see. A bird that loves to chat. A bird that nests in communities where everybody helps each other. Just like 3M! Each student contributed by using long, controlled brush strokes to create individual feathers. This artwork, we believe, represents the vibrancy of our class.




Taking inspiration from our science unit, ‘Feathers, Fur or Leaves?’, 3/4J chose to create a series of underwater masterpieces on three of our favourite sea creatures. Our class is passionate about environmental sustainability and were delighted to recycle and repurpose some buttons to create these textual pieces. Our crab, turtle and octopus are reminders of the importance of teamwork and persistence …. Look what can be achieved when we work together!




4K used watercolour paints to create this beautiful pattern of two-dimensional shapes. Students each painted a piece of paper using watercolour paint to blend and bleed the colours together. This created the amazing patterns and texture that can be seen in the artwork. We then cut the paper into triangles of different sizes and shapes. After that we pieced them together to form a perfect circle.




With its massive tail and vibrant colours, the peacock has long fascinated its audience. 4S has worked incredibly hard to recreate the radiance of this majestic bird using patterns, lines and selected markers. Each section is carefully planned, drafted and coloured to showcase each and everyone’s unique personality. This artwork reminds us that we are all different however when we all come together, there is everlasting beauty.




5A's ‘Birds of a Feather, Flock Together’ was inspired by studying bird feathers and patterns found in nature. Each child carefully design two feathers, first in pencil then added colours, giving each unique markings as no two feathers are the same. The individual feathers were arranged to make a beautiful overall design. Our artwork reminds us that we are stronger when we work together than alone.




Due to their abundance in nature, hexagons are often considered a symbol of harmony and balance. 5C collaboratively developed a tessellation of hexagons to celebrate our coming together as a class. Free-flowing watercolours were chosen due to their unpredictable nature, ensuring no two hexagons would be the same. Wet-on-wet techniques were used as a base to create a beautiful yet turbulent mixture of colour. Once dried, students used flicking and dry-on-dry techniques with pearlescent paints to create layers and highlights. Hexagons were then cut from the paper and arranged carefully into a tessellation. Our artwork reminds us that our individual uniqueness is a strength that binds us together.




Get your magnifying glasses ready and search for the many reasons Lane Cove West is such a wonderful school! Inspired by the mosaic stairs of Selaron in Rio de Janeiro, this artwork shows how the smaller, individual pieces of a community come together to create a harmonious and beautiful experience. Just as many water droplets make an ocean, many hearts make a school.




6B's ‘Puzzle Pieces’ was inspired by the individual and unique personalities of all students in the class. Each student used a different coloured oil pastel to carefully design their own unique puzzle piece. The repetitive dots the students used were inspired by the artist Yayoi Kusama. Students then took a photo of them doing their favourite activity, to highlight how no two pieces are the exact same. The 28 unique pieces are then arranged as a whole puzzle to highlight that we are all different but able to come together.




W's artwork is of two elephants with their trunks entwined together. Elephants are very protective and aware of what is happening in their herd. They hold onto each other's tails with their trunks; this is so no one is left behind. Furthermore, elephants have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world. They are considered to be a symbol of good luck, power, success, wisdom, and experience and because elephants are highly social animals, they are also regarded as a symbol of loyalty, companionship, and unity. This represents 6W because we always make sure that we support and look out for each other academically, socially and emotionally and as a result, we are constantly creating memories that we can take away with us. We began this artwork by using sponges and paint brushes to create two elephants. Next, we alternated between a range of cool and warm colours, dabbing the paint gently onto the white art paper. After that, we used a sharpie to outline the elephants and colour in the eyes. Finally, we cut it out neatly and stuck it on to the black backing board.




This year's staff artwork is an abstract design inspired by the natural environment and beautiful patterns seen in our local flora and fauna. The large circles in different shades of green were collaboratively painted onto a charcoal base colour. Solid black circles with pink accent dots form central points, drawing the eye in. Every staff member then added fine gold radiating lines to the base design, creating a dramatic collaborative composition. This picture reminds us ... “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” (Henry Ford)

The Staff Artwork proceeds will go towards the "Giant Steps" school which supports children and young adults with autism.



Special Addition

Wine Lovers Delight in the Hunter Valley for 2 guests, with 1 night accommodation. Includes a private wine tasting with a boutique Hunter Valley artisan wine maker. Your accommodation will be in a fully renovated studio room with ensuite bathroom at Hunter Valley Wine Country Retreat. This estate is set on 60,000sqm of natural beauty, with gorgeous views and a renovated, outdoor swimming pool & Sauna.
Continental Breakfast is included on-site

The winner has 2 month to activate the voucher online and the voucher has a 24 month validity from the auction date.
Pictures are indicative only. This item is not tax deductible.

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